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Pikorua Shells & Glass

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Pāua with Konfetti Glass

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Oystercatcher II

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Kanohi Pupu 01


  • It was told to me that the Māori name for cat’s eye is kanohi pūpū, and these tiny ‘lids’ feature in a traditional tale:

    Whaitiri was an evil old woman in the South Island who sometimes ate members of her own family. Two of her grandsons, sent to stay the night with her, were afraid she would kill them when they were sleeping. They found some sea snails and took off the cat’s eyes. When they went to bed, they placed the shell lids over their own eyes. This tricked their grandmother into thinking they were wide awake, and she left them alone.

Commissioned Table 01

Kanohi Pupu 02

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  • Hand made
  • Food safe epoxy resin
  • Sand and Shells sourced from Northland Beaches
  • Custom crafted paint/ mica mixtures
  • Removable legs
  • All hardware is built into the back of the table to allow for it to be a wall hanging.
  • Signature and date made engraved on the underside of the table.

Blue Dotterel

  • The HD Metal Print involves transferring the photo from paper using Fine Art Inkjet pigments. Using heat and pressure, the transfer is then vaporized into a special coating on the aluminum. The result: the materials form a permanent bond, making the print extremely robust. This method is called thermal sublimation. The exceptionally vivid color is very durable.

Vincent’s Dotterel

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